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Graf Cloud’s

Simple More than Complex (Cloud, DevOps, and SecOps)

Cloud Consultancy

Migrate and Manage Cloud. AWS, GCP, Azure, and VMC with IaaC.

DevOps & K8S

Refactor your apps to Docker and Kubernetes without pain. Automate Everything!


Secure your life. Follow risks,
Close caveats. Make feel safe.

IT Gurus are Here!

GrafClouds brings together the best IT experts (with over 15 years of experience). What do we do?

  • Cloud as a Service || Consultancy
  • Infra as a Code || Consultancy
  • DevOps as a Service || Consultancy
  • SecOps as a Service || Consultancy

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. We have a proven track record of helping teams evolve from legacy technologies and working practices. You get better, faster, more sustainable results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Need Support?

On-premises are not easy to manage and migrate. Not for us!

We’re commercially focused, using proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximize the cloud’s cost savings and value potential. From technology to training, from design to DevOps, you get the support needed to capitalize on cloud benefits.

IT Needs Modularity

Designing a LEGO model of a computer and other IT-related objects can be a fun and rewarding challenge. Let’s separate requirements and make them simple with creativity and problem-solving skills.

Find the Best

Vendors have their best solutions. But which fits you? We find the best Vendor for you and transform.

We’re a leading partner for all three public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Because we’re platform neutral, you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.

Let’s work together to move you next step!

We are ready for accelerate, you? Contact us for joining the Cloud World!